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Gesso (2021) China Rosario

Mural Paintings across the globe influence the mood, the way of thinking, inspire, or simply amaze the people who pass by it. These paintings tell us stories; often relevant to our culture, our struggles in the past, and the current challenges we are facing today.

As artists, it is our job to convey positivity and uplifting messages using visual imagery that help the nation's people thrive and endure the harsh realities we are in. It is our job to inspire hope, bring smiles, and advocate for positive changes especially during these trying times. The Global Covid-19 pandemic since the year 2019 had brought about such artworks made by dedicated artists; and has what inspired me to paint this piece I call "Gesso."

"Gesso," is a base coat or primer applied to a surface before it is painted intricately. It symbolizes a fresh start, a new chapter, and above all hope.